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12' Pelican complete kit

Price: $3,695.00
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Everything you'll need to build your complete,
ready to sail Pelican 

Including easy-to-understand fully illustrated building manual, epoxy, fasteners, rigging and sails

Just add water!

 All for only


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Complete kit contents:

  • Sails
  • Standing and running rigging
  • All hardware
  • Strongback/building form
  • Keelson, precision cut
  • Precision cut transoms, transom knees and frames
  • Bottom and side panels precision cut & scarfed
  • Precision cut chine logs
  • Chine log gussets
  • Precision cut sheer clamps
  • Laminated fir and mahogany deck beams
  • Precision cut deck beam knees
  • Beveled hull side framing
  • Precision cut mast step
  • Mast partners
  • Laminated mahogany centerboard trunk bedlogs
  • Precision cut C/B trunk sides, headledges and trunk knee
  • C/B trunk cap (mahogany)
  • C/B pivot blocks
  • Fiberglass cloth for C/B trunk interior
  • Thwart framing
  • Precision cut thwarts
  • Precision cut coamings, coaming knees and carlins
  • Coaming trim
  • Fore, side and aft decks
  • Precision cut stem
  • Rubrails
  • Precision cut kick-up rudder with pintles & gudgeons
  • Laminated tiller with mounting straps
  • Centerboard
  • Solid sitka spruce mast, boom and yard (gaff)
  • Bowsprit
  • Over 1200 stainless steel screws (in all sizes needed)
  • Sheer clamps cut to shape w/pre-cut scarfs
  • 1.5 gallon epoxy kit w/thickener (enough to build finished boat)
  • Fiberglass tape
  • Original plans (for reference only, our manual explains everything in detail with all dimensions given)


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