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The S.F. Pelicans
The Pelican, Great Pelican and Pelican Pup

 The San Francisco Pelican

A True Classic

The San Francisco Pelican was designed by Capt. Wm. H. Short in 1959 for the blustery winds and rough waves of San Francisco Bay, a tall order for a 12' boat. The design proved to be up to the task and much more.

Nearly 50 years later the Pelican and the 16' Great Pelican are going strong and still the choice of sailors and builders who want a strong, seaworthy, dependable boat in all conditions.

The Pelican class is popular for racing and cruising, has large active fleets , and is ideal for family sailing.

Whether you are new to sailing or an old hand the Pelican is an ideal way to experience the fun and freedom of sailing!

"The smaller the boat the bigger the fun!"

Pelican dimensions:

                                             Length overall:        12'-2.5"

                                             Beam:                       6'-1.75"

                                             Draft:                        4' (board down) 

                                             Sail area:                  105 sq. ft.

                                             Weight:                     390 lbs.

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 The Great Pelican

Classic Micro Cruiser

When Capt. Short expanded his original design the Great Pelican became one of the most enduring, safe and seaworthy micro cruisers ever. 

The Great Pelican's shallow draft and trail-ability will expand your horizons and extend your cruising possibilities, whether you're sizing up or down.


 With nearly 50 years of cruising and even ocean crossings to her credit the GP is the boat of your future, and the future is now.

Great Pelican dimensions:

Length overall:           16'

Beam:                             8'

Draft:          4' (board down)

Sail area:          187 sq. ft.

Weight:                950 lbs.


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  The 8' Pelican Pup

A New Classic


  Adapted from Capt. Short's original design, Pup retains the sailing qualities of the 12 footer in a smaller size.
Ultra stable, safe and roomy it's ideal as a trainer or yacht tender and
a wonderful family, school or group project.

  Want to introduce your kids or grandkids to sailing? Pup is designed for first time builders and sailors. Our kit is entirely pre-cut and ready to assemble. It includes everything you'll need just like our larger kits.

Pelican Pup dimensions:

                                             Length overall:        8'

                                             Beam:                       4'

                                             Draft:                       2'-8" (board dn)

                                             Sail area:                 70 sq. ft.

                                             Weight:                   170 lbs.

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